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Beginners' English Translation

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(HINDI Medium)

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There are altogether Translation, Please Remember that unauthorized photocopying of this book is illegal.

25 Chapters

1. Letters in English
2. Hindi-English Alphabet
3. Writing Names in English
4. Use of Capital Letters
5. Use of ‘This’ and ‘That’
6. Use of ‘A’
7. Use of ‘An’
8. Omission of ‘A/An’
9. Use of ‘These’ and ‘Those’
10. More uses of This , That, These and Those
11. Negative and Interrogative Sentences
12. Use of Am, Is and Are
13. Use of ‘Was’ and ‘Were’
14. Use of Possessive Adjectives
15. Use of ‘Has’ and ‘Have’
16. Use of ‘Had’
17. Use of Adjectives
18. Use of Adverbs
19. Use of Apostrophe ‘S’ and ‘of’
20. Imperative Sentences
21. Use of ‘Can’ and ‘Should’
22. Introductory ‘There’
23. Introductory ‘It’
24. Tense
25. Exercises for Practice"