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Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician Solved papers & Model Practice Sets—Hindi

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Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician Solved papers & Model Practice Sets—Hindi

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Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician Solved Paper


For Assistant Loco Pilot, Technician Signal Grade-Ill, Tele Communication, Maintainer Grade-Ill, Technician Grade-Ill ELF, ELF/Diesel, Diesel Mechanic, Machinist. Turner welder, Blacksmith, Fitter, Filter MW, Painter, Carpenter, Mason, Trimmer, Driller, Pipe fitter, Electrical, C & W, Wireless Maintainer Grade-Ill, Electric TRD, Millwright, Motor Driver, Crane Driver, AC fitter, Riveter, Multi skilled Man, Plumber, Carriage & Wagon, Hammer man, Grinder, Sheet Metal Worker, Aligner, Bridge Sarang, Bridge Erector, Filter Operator Mechanic, Lineman, Wireman, Armature winder, FRP, Ancillary, Gunner, Fork Lifter, Melt.

Important Information:-

Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician

  • How to Prepare Exam
  • Railway General Knowledge
  • History Indian Railway
  • Republic Day 2014
  • 71 Golden Globe Awards

Advice :-

  • General Knowledge
  • Technique Knowledge : Objective Question.

(Electrician, Diesel, Fitter, Workshop, Calculation & Science, Refrigerator and Air conditioning servicing)

  • General Intelligence Reasoning
  • Numerical Ability.

Model Practice Sets

Railway Assistant Loco Pilot & Technician

Set-01 : Model Practice set

Set-02 : Model Practice set

Set-03 : Model Practice set

Set-04 : Model Practice set

Set-05 : Model Practice set

Set-06 : Model Practice set

Set-07 : Model Practice set

Set-08 : Model Practice set

Set-09 : Model Practice set

Set-10 : Model Practice set


SET-11 : RRB Mumbai, assistant diesel drive exam, 04.03.2001

SET-12 : RRB Bhuvneshwer, Technical exam, 03.06.2001

SET-13 : RRB Gorakhpur, diesel  assistant exam, 21.10.2001

SET-14 : RRB Gorakhpur, diesel  assistant exam, 14.04.2002

SET-15 : RRB Kolkata, diesel drive exam, 29.09.2002

SET-16 : RRB Kolkata, a prints tally. Meitner grade-III exam, 15.12.2002

SET-17 : RRB Trivandram, assistant diesel drive/electric exam, 31.08.2003

SET-18 : RRB Gorakhpur, E.S.M../P.V. exam, 09.11.2003

SET-19 : RRB Gorakhpur, P.V./supervisor exam, 08.02.2004

SET-20 : RRB Ranchi, diesel drive exam, 25.07.2004

SET-21 : RRB Ahmadabad, diesel drive/ supervisor P.V. exam, 17.10.2004

SET-22 : RRB Chandigarh, E.S.M. grade-II exam, 31.10.2004 

SET-23 : RRB Guwahati, P.V. supervisor exam, 20.03.2005

SET-24 : RRB Ranchi,  assistant loco pilot exam, 04.09.2005

SET-25 : RRB Ranchi, signal Meitner grade-III exam, 20.11.2005

SET-26 : RRB Secuandrabad, technician-III (electrical) exam, 11.12.2005

SET-27 : RRB Guwahati, assistant loco pilot exam, 22.01.2006

SET-28 : RRB Allahabad, technician-III (fitter) exam, 22.01.2006

SET-29 : RRB Allahabad, signal Meitner-II exam, 22.01.2006

SET-30 : RRB Malda, assistant loco pilot exam, 16.07.2006

SET-31 : RRB Kolkata, technician-III exam, 20.08.2006

SET-32 : RRB Gorakhpur, E.S.M.-III exam, 08.10.2006

SET-33 : RRB Ajmer, assistant loco pilot (diesel/electrical) exam, 05.08.2007

SET-34 : RRB Allahabad, assistant loco pilot exam, 03.08.2008

SET-35 : RRB Kolkata, technician grade-III exam, 21.09.2008

SET-36 : RRB Secuandrabad, technician-III (diesel/mechanical) (ECOR) exam, 19.10.2008

SET-37 : RRB Allahabad, assistant loco pilot (diesel/electrical) exam, 15.02.2009  

SET-38 : RRB Banglore/Trivendram, (assistant loco pilot) exam, 06.06.2010

SET-39 : RRB Kolkata (assistant loco pilot) exam, 06.06.2010

SET-40 : RRB Mahendrughat, (EL. Signal Meitner, grade-III) exam, 30.01.2011      

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ISBN 1009

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