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About the course
It is yet another attempt by Kiran Prakashan to reach out to the aspirants who are unable to attend the classes in person. The aspirants are provided with video lectures which can be easily be accessed through Mobile App / Computer. The course is designed to cover Civil Service Examination (mains). Urdu is an optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services examination. The Urdu Literature Optional Syllabus for UPSC IAS Mains exam includes the genesis of language, criticisms and plethora of literature pieces. If the candidates have a good idea about the syntax and grammar along with literature, one can opt this as their optional. Also, aspirants can choose Urdu language as their optional if they have done graduation in the language. The dearth of study material and vastness of language are the major challenges for this optional subject.

About the Educator
MOHD NOOH SIDDIQUI, AIR- 326, 2017 and, Shaikh Salman, AIR-339, 2017, had given his input in teaching Urdu Literature and under his guidance student can develop a good writing style, and a sharp analytical ability and your performance in the Mains would greatly enhance.

Key features of this Course

  • 29+ hours of video lectures in 5 videos
  • Previous year question Paper
  • Study Material in printed form
Mohd. Nooh Siddiqui Course Detail
Name of the Topic No. of Hours No. of Video
Introduction 1 hour 1
Urdu Zaban ka Irtiqa (Development of Urdu Language) 1 hour 1
Maghribi hindi aur uski Boliyan (Western Hindi and its Dialects) 1 hour 1
Shumale Hind mein Urdu 1200-1700 (Urdu in Northern India 1200-1700) 49 min 1
Urdu Zakhi Rae Alfaz, Rasmul Khat (Urdu Vocabulary, Script) 1 hours 30 min 1
Urdu Asnaf ka Irteqa, Prose (Genres and their Development Prose) 1 hours 20 min 1
Urdu Asnaf ka Irteqa, Nasr (Genres and their Development Prose) 46 min 1
Urdu aur Hindi (Urdu and Hindi) 45 min 1
Urdu Adab Tahreekein (Urdu Literature Movements) 1 hours 20 min 1
Urdu Dabistan (Urdu School of Thoughts) 34 min 1
Maulana Azad, Ghubare Khatir 1 hours 20 min 1
Prem Chand, Godan 1 hour 1
Mohammad Hussain Azad, Nairange Khayal 38 min 1
Ghalib-Diwan-E-Ghalib 42 min 1
Faiz-Daste Saba 44 min 1
Mir Hasan-Sahr-ul-Bayan 20 min 1
Shaikh Salman Course Detail
Name of the Topic No. of Hours No. of Video
Daccani Urdu Ka Aagaz-o-Irtiqa Part 1 1 hour 1
Daccani Urdu Ka Aagaz-o-Irtiqa Part 2 1 hour 8 min 1
Urdu Ke Agaz Ke Mukhtalif Nazariye 1 hour 5 min 1
Urdu Ki Samaji aur Tehzibi Jade 50 min 1
Tanqeed Nigari Part 1 1 hours 10 min 1
Tanqeed Nigari Part 2 55 min 1
Urdu Asnaf-Sheri Asnaf Part 1 47 min 1
Urdu Asnaf-Sheri Asnaf Part 2 46 min 1
Meer Taqi Meer 38 min 1
Allama Iqbal 32 min 1
Firaq Gorakhpoori 40 min 1
Akhtruliman 50 min 1
Khutoot E-Ghalib 1 hour 1
Meeramman-Bagh-O-Bahar 1 hour 1
Rajendra Singh Bedi 33 min 1
Art of Answer Writing 30 min 1
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