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Kiran WBCS Executive Paper II Main Exam English Practice Work Book (English) (2884)
Including Solved Papers Of 1999-2019
Conventional-Descriptive Type
(Letter Writing, Drafting of Reports, Precis, Writing, Composition & Translation)
Brief Guidelines For Candidates appearing in WBCS Main Exam
Letter Writing
Report Writing
Precise Writing/Summary Writing
Dialogue Writing
Hundred Golden Rules Of Grammar
Important Questions Of English Grammar
Model Practice Sets
Model Practice Sets-1
Model Practice Sets-2
Model Practice Sets-3
Model Practice Sets-4
Model Practice Sets-5
Model Practice Sets-6
Model Practice Sets-7
Model Practice Sets-8
Model Practice Sets-9
Model Practice Sets-10
Solved Papers
WBCS Main Examination-1999
WBCS Main Examination-2000
WBCS Main Examination-2001
WBCS Main Examination-2002
WBCS Main Examination-2003
WBCS Main Examination-2004
WBCS Main Examination-2005
WBCS Main Examination-2006
WBCS Main Examination-2007
WBCS Main Examination-2008
WBCS Main Examination-2009
WBCS Main Examination-2010
WBCS Main Examination-2011
WBCS Main Examination-2012
WBCS Main Examination-2013
WBCS Main Examination-2014
WBCS Main Examination-2015
WBCS Main Examination-2016
WBCS Main Examination-2017
WBCS Main Examination-2018
WBCS Main Examination-2019