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Bank of Baroda I T Officer Prelim And Main Exam Book

Kiran Bank of Baroda (BOB) Specialist Officer I.T. Officer Prelim And Main Exam Self Study Guide Cum Practice Work Book by Achal Gupta ( Electronic And Communication) English (2645)
Kiran Bank of Baroda (BOB) Specialist Officer I.T. Officer Prelim And Main Exam Self Study Guide-Cum Practice Workbook English
Important Exam Oriented Objective Questions on Reasoning
English Language
Important Exam Oriented Objective Questions on English Language
Quantitative Aptitude
Important Exam Oriented Objective Questions on Quantitative Aptitude ITC
1. Basic Concept of Computer
Essentials of Bank Computerisation, Computer : Introduction, Classification of Computers, Important Developments in the Field of Computer, The Supercomputers, e-world, Computer Abbreviations, Computer Terminology, Software Handsbanking, Software, History of Computer, Early Electronic Computers, Computer Generations, Characteristics of Computer, Microsoft Windows, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Payment System and Electronic Banking, Role of Technology, Upgradation and its impact of Banks, Information Technology Act, 2000, Electrnoic Governance ITC-209
Objective Questions
2. Computer Architecture and Origination
Von Neumann Model, Bus, Data Format, I/O System, Program Execution and Instruction, Microprogrammed Control Unit, Operand (Data) Types and Formats, Instruction Set, Instruction Types, Instruction Format, Addressing Modes, RISC Versus CISC, Memory Hierarchy, Cache Memory and Cache Memory Organisation, Main Memory, Associative Memory, Virtual Memory, Read-Only Memory (ROM) and Random-Access Memory (RAM), Memory Address Mapping, Common I/O Devices, Interrupt Driven I/O, I/O Devices and Interfaces, Direct Memory Access (DMA), IOP Organisation, General Pipeline, Instruction and Arithmetic Pipeline, Register Forwarding, Branch Handling
3. Data Structure
Introduction to Data Structure, The Need for Data Structure, Characteristics of Data Structure, Arrays, Vectors, Lists, String, Recursion, Expression, pointer, Stack, Stack Operations, Stack Implementation, Queue, Queue Operation, Applications of Queue, Queue Implementation, types of queue, Differences between Stack and Queue, Linked List, Advantages and Disadvantages of Linked List, Operations on Linked List, Types of Linked List, Tree, Binary Tree, Binary Tree Representation, Operations on Binary Tree, Traversing Binary Tree Recursively, Types of Tree, Graph, Representation of Graph, Operations on Graph, Methods of graph traversing {Breadth First Search (BFS), Depth First Search (DFS)}, Minimum spanning tree, Shortest Path, Searching techniques, Hashing, Hash Function, Hash Collision, Sorting, (Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion Sort, Shell Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Heap Sort)
4. Data Communication and Networking
Transmission (Serial Transmission, Parallel Transmission), Synchronous transmission, Asynchronous transmission, Simplex, Half-duplex, Full-duplex, Front-end processor, Line splitter, Multiplexing (Frequency- division multiplexing (FDM), Wave-division multiplexing (WDM), Time-division multiplexing (TDM), Inverse Multiplexing), OSI Model, Poll and select, Automatic repeat request (ARQ), Interfacing (EIA RS-232 DTE/DCE interface, EIA RS-232-D DTE/DCE interface, EIA RS-232-C DTE/DCE interface, RS-449 (RS-422-A and RS-423-A) interface), Modulation(Amplitude modulation (AM), Frequency modulation (FM), Phase modulation (PM)), Modem (Quick-Pak, Microcom Network Protocol (MNP) Error Controller, Bell modems), Types of Modems, Parity bit, Parity Check, Simple Parity Check, Cyclic redundancy check (CRC), Check sum, Hamming code, Error-control techniques, Switches, Circuit switching, Packet Switching, Frame Relay, Local Area Networks, Metropolitan Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Ethernet (Token bus, Token Ring), Repeater, Router, Gateway, Bridge, Hubs
5. Networking Security
Conventional Encryption, Data Encryption Standard (DES), Cryptanalysis (Block Cipher, P Box), Private-key and Public-key cryptography, Diffie and Hellman, Rivest