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Shaikh Salman UPSC Geography MCQs for Preliminary Exam

Kiran UPSC Certificate Physical and Human Geography MCQs By Shaikh Salman, Assistant Commissioner, IRS (English Medium) (3047)

UPSC Geography MCQs for Preliminary Exam

Chapter 1: The Earth and the Universe
Chapter 2: The Earth’s Crust
Chapter 3: Volcanism and Earthquakes
Chapter 4 : Weathering Mass Movement and Groundwater
Chapter 5: Landforms Made by Running Water
Chapter 6: Landforms of glaciations
Chapter 7: Arid or Desert Landforms
Chapter 8: Limestone and Chalk Landform
Chapter 9 : Lakes
Chapter 10: Coastal Landforms
Chapter 11: Islands and Coral Reefs
Chapter 12: The Oceans
Chapter 13: Weather
Chapter 14: Climate
Chapter 15: The Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate
Chapter 16: The Tropical Monsoon and Tropical Marine Climates
Chapter 17: The Savanna or Sudan Climate
Chapter 18 : The Hot Desert and Mid-Latitude Desert Climates
Chapter 19: The warm Temperate Western Margin (Mediterranean) Climate
Chapter 20: The Temperate Continental (Steppe) Climate
Chapter 21: The Warm Temperate Eastern Margin (China Type) Climate
Chapter 22: The Cool Temperate Western Margin (British Type) Climate
Chapter 23: The Cool Temperate Continental (Siberian) Climate
Chapter 24: The Cool Temperate Eastern Margin (Laurentian)
Chapter 25: The Arctic or Polar Climate

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