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UPSC Public Administration Paper 2 Exam

Kiran Public Administration Paper 2 For Upsc Main Exam by Atul Choudhary IRS 2018 (English Medium)(3046): Public Administration Paper 2 useful for UPSC and PSCs Exam by Atul Choudhary, IRS
Chapter 1: Arthashtra
Chapter 2: Philosophical and Constitutions Framework of Government
Chapter 3: Public Sector Undertaking
Chapter 4: Union Government and Administration
Chapter 5: Plans and Priorities
Chapter 6: State Government and Administration
Chapter 7: District Administration
Chapter 8: Civil Services
Chapter 9: Financial Management
Chapter 10: Administrative Reform since Independence
Chapter 11: Rural Development
Chapter 12: Urban Local Government
Chapter 13: Law and Order Administration
Chapter 14: Significance Issues in Indian Administration

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