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Education Psychology and Pedagogy 4000+ Objective Questions by Himanshi Singh

Kiran Education Psychology and Pedagogy 4000+ Objective Questions (with detailed explanations) (English Medium) (3323)
* Ancient, Medieval and British Education
* Modern Indian Education System
* Universalisation of Elementary Education (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan)
* Teacher's training, Skills and his Behavior in School
* Inclusive Education, Universal Education and Right for Special and Deprived Children
* Teaching-Learning Methods and Approach
* Pedagogy and Child Psychology
* Community, Society, Socialisation and Education based Issues
* Education Based on Communication Technology
* Teaching of Language and Literature
* Mathematics Teaching
* Teaching of Environmental Science (EVS)
* Health & Yoga Education and Sports & Physical Education
* Art Education and Work Education
* Social Science and Social Studies Teaching
* Science-Teaching
* Educational Research
* Evaluation, Measurement and Assessment
* Prominent Indian and Western Educationists