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Geography of India Through MAPS for UPSC, PSCs Exams

Kiran Geography of India through MAPS for UPSC , PSCs and other Competitive and Academic exams (English Medium) (3070)
Table of Contents:
1. General Introduction of India
2. The Indian States And Union Territories: An Overview
3. Neighboring Countries of India and Border Lines
4. Geographical Diversity of India (Tallest, Biggest, Longest, Shortest, etc.)
5. Classification of Indian Rock System
6. Important Mountain Peaks of India
7. Important Mountains and Hills of India
8. Major Valleys of India
9. Major Plateaus of India
10. Major Plains of India
11. Important Bays/Gulfs Of India
12. Passes of India
13. Major Islands and Archipelago of India
14. Important Lakes and Waterfalls of India
15. Important Rivers of India
16. Important Ports of India
17. Important Mineral Resources of India
18. India’s Important Oil Refineries
19. India’s Important Industrial Areas
20. India: Format of Agriculture
21. Important Agricultural Research Institutes of India
22. Important Soils of India
23. Natural Vegetation of India
24. Important National Parks of India
25. Important Biosphere Reserves of India
26. Census of India – 2011
27. Tribes of India
28. Transport System Of India
29. Different Facts Related To India
30. Forest Report 2019

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