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Kiran Bank PO (IBPS PO MT SO RBI Grade B SBI PO SBI Management Executive) 2015 to 2020 Solved Papers (English Medium) (3373)
Central Budget : 2021-2022
Economic Survey : 2020-2021
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Model Solved Papers
Set-01 Nabard Officer Grade ‘A’ Online Exam 01.03.2015
Set-02 SBI PO Phase-I (Preliminary) Online Exam 20.06.2015
Set-03 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-V (Preliminary) 03.10.2015
Set-04 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-V (Preliminary) 10.10.2015
Set-05 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-V (Main Exam), 31.10.2015
Set-06 RBI Officer Grade ‘B’ Phase-I Exam 21.11.2015
Set-07 IBPS Specialist Officer (IT) CWE, 14.02.2016
Set-08 SBI PO Phase-I (Prelim) Online Exam, 03.07.2016
Set-09 RBI Officers in Grade ‘B’ Phase-I Exam 04.09.2016 (Shift-I)
Set-10 Bank of Baroda PO Exam, 25.09.2016
Set-11 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-VI (Prelim) Exam 16.10.2016
Set-12 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-VI (Prelim) Exam 23.10.2016
Set-13 Bank of Maharashtra PO Exam 26.10.2016
Set-14 Indian Bank PO Exam, 21.01.2017 (1st Sitting)
Set-15 IBPS SO Agriculture Exam, 29.01.2017
Set-16 SBI PO Online Exam, 30.04.2017
Set-17 SBI PO Online Preliminary Exam, 06.05.2015
Set-18 SBI PO Phase-II (Main) Exam, 04.06.2017
Set-19 RBI Officer Grade ‘B’ Phase-I Exam, 17.06.2017
Set-20 Nabard Assistant Mangager Grade ‘A’ Online Exam 05.08.2017
Set-21 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE-VII Preliminary Exam, 14.10.2017
Set-22 IBPS SO (IT Officer) CWE (Prelim Exam), 30.12.2017
Set-23 Canara Bank PO Exam, 04.03.2018
Set-24 IDBI Bank PO Exam, 29.04.2018
Set-25 SBI PO Phase-II (Main) Exam, 05.08.2018
Set-26 RBI Officer Grade ‘B’ Phase-I Exam, 16.08.2018
Set-27Indian Bank PO Online Prelim Exam, 06.10.2018
Set-28 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE Prelim Exam, 14.10.2018
Set-29 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE Prelim Exam, 21.10.2018
Set-30 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE (Main Exam), 18.11.2018
Set-31 Canara Bank PO Exam, 23.12.2018
Set-32 IBPS Specialist Officer CWE Prelim Exam, 31.01.2019
Set-33 LIC AAO Prelim Exam, 04.05.2019 [Also Useful for IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE (Prelim Exam)
Set-34 LIC AAO Prelim Exam, 05.05.2019 [Also Useful for IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE (Prelim Exam)]
Set-35 IBPS Bank PO/MT CWE Prelim Exam, 03.10.2020