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Kiran Bihar Samanya Gyan Digdarshan (Bihar general knowledge) –HINDI
BPSC (Preliminary and main Exam), conducted in Bihar SSC and Bihar Usefull for other competition examinations conducted in Bihar SSC and Bihar
1:- BIHAR-A mesmeric observation
2:-BIHAR-Historical background
3:- Religious sect in Bihar
4:- Bihar's contribution in 1857 revolt and 1942 movement
5:- Bihar's movement under the leadership of Gandhi
6:- Indian National Congress and Bihar
7:-BIHAR-Art and culture
8:-BIHAR-Peasant movement
9:- BIHAR-Tribal Rebellion
10:-BIHAR-State administration and administration-ship
11:-BIHAR-Geographical scenario
12:-BIHAR-Soil and Climate
13:-BIHAR- Agriculture and animal husbandry
14:- BIHAR-Drainage System and irrigation
15:- BIHAR-Industry And Industrial Scenarios
16:- BIHAR Energy and Mineral Resources
17:-BIHAR-Transport and communication
18:-BIHAR-Forest and Wildlife Estates
19:-BIHAR-Health and education
21:- Land reforms in Bihar
22:- Foreign Tourist and Important Persons Who Came to Bihar
23:- Major schemes operated in Bihar
24:-Some Memorable Facts Related with Bihar