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Ethics Integrity and Aptitude by Team of 13 Officers and Scholars by Vatsalya Kumar and Dr Tanu Jain

Kiran Ethics Integrity and Aptitude by Team of 13 Officers and Scholars by Vatsalya Kumar and Dr. Tanu Jain (2843) (English)
About Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude
The noble vision of the syllabus framers in introducing ethics paper in the civil services exam in 2013 was to test candidates on their aptitude and attitude towards issues of ethics, morality, integrity, and probity in public life and their application to the issues of society. However, this paper created more confusion and dread in the students. Kiran Prakashan with its five decades of experience in helping students get through tough and challenging exams identified the core problems most of the students face in this paper and came out with Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude. There are two basic problems that students in this paper encounter. One, the subjective nature of the paper, and two, the lack of right ethical perspective needed to address the subjective paper. Both these challenges have been met in this book through the wisdom of the real-life administrators. Since the questions and case studies are designed to test the candidates from the perspective of ethical governance, the real-life administrators are best suited to handle this subject matter. Moreover, it is not just one administrator who wrote the book, but each chapter has been written by an administrator to make the objective sense of the subjective nature of study material. Unlike the bulky books on ethics, this book is focused and to the point in a unique and relevant pin-point format. This approach saves the time and effort of the students on one hand and makes them focused on the most accurate and relevant information. The core vision in designing the book has been to provide the most authentic contents directly from the professionals, who are proficient with this subject both in theory and in practical life. Also, the precise and comprehensive format of the book is designed to hit the bull’s eye. After reading this book, no student would be at a loss of words while writing the answer in the actual exam because the book steers clear of confusion and ambiguities.
Ethics And Human Interface,
Human Values,
Aptitude and Foundational Values For Civil Service
Emotional Intelligence,
Contribution Of Moral thinkers And Philosophers From India & World,
Probity in Governance,
Right To Information,
Codes Of Ethics,
Citizen’s Charters,
Work Culture,
Quality Of Service Delivery,
Ethics In International Relations And Funding ,
How To Handle Case Studies & Case Studies With Approach,

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