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Kiran NCERT History Class VI to XII 6000+ Facts (One Liner Approach) Compendium (English Medium) (3280)
1. Prehistoric Period
2. Indus or Harappan Civilization
3. Vedic Culture and Late Vedic Period
4. Religious Movements of the 6th Century BC
5. Mahajanpada Period and the Rise of Magadha
6. Foreign Invasions
7. Mauryan Empire
8. Post Mauryan Period (184-30)
9. Foreign Invasions in Post –Mauryan Period
10. History of The Far South And Sangam Era
11. Gupta Empire
12. Post- Gupta Period
13. Early Medieval India
14. The Advent of Islam And The Arab – Turkish Invasions
15. Delhi Sultanate
16. Provincial Dynasties of North And South India
17. Religious Movements of 15th And 16th Century
18. Mughal Empire
19. Shivaji and Maratha State
20. Post – Mughal Period And The Rise of Regional Powers
21. Advent of European Companies In India
22. Impact of British Rule on The Economy
23. Revolt of 1857
24. Mass Movements Between 1757 And 1858
25. Development of Education In India During The British Period
26. History of Indian Newspapers
27. Social and Religious Reform Movements
28. Peasants, Workers and Left Movements
29. Indian National Movements
30. India’s Constitutional Development
31. Governors, Governor – Generals and Viceroys
32. Art, Culture and Related Facts
33. History of The World
34. Questions Asked in Previous Years’ and Their Answers
35. Important Maps