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Kiran NCERT Indian Polity and Constitution Class VI to XII 3000+ Facts (one liner approach) (Hindi Medium) (3164)
1. Constitutional development of Indian Polity
2. The process of making of Indian Constitution
3. The Preamble of Indian Constitution
4. Union and its territories
5. Provisions related to citizenship
6. Fundamental right, Directive principle of the state policy and Fundamental duties
7. Union executive
8. Indian Parliament
9. Indian Judiciary
10. Governance of States 11. State legislative and Union territories 12. Local Self government 13. The administration of scheduled and tribes area 14. Union state relationship 15. Services Under Union and States 16. Election and Election Commission 17. Special provision related to some class 18. Different Commission and Councils etc. 19. Amendment in Indian Constitution and articles 20. Various facts 21. Questions asked in previous years and their answers