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Kiran Railway Technician And Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel / Electrical) Examination Salved Papers-Hindi For Stage-I And Stage-II Exam
2001-Till Date (With Explanation)
Model Solved Papers -2001
Set 01-RRB Mumbai, Assistant diesel Driver Exam-04.03.2001
Set 02-RRB Bhubaneswar, Assistant Driver (diesel / Electrical) Exam-22.04.2001
Set 03-RRB Bhubaneswar, Technical Exam-03.06.2001
Set 04-RRB Mumbai, Assistant Driver (diesel / Electrical) Exam-03.06.2001
Model Solved Papers -2002
Set 05-RRB Gorakhpur, Diesel Assistant Exam-14.04.2002
Set 06-RRB Gorakhpur, Diesel Assistant Exam-14.04.2002
Set 07-RRB Kolkata, Diesel Driver Exam-29.09.2002
Set 08-RRB Chennai and Bangalore, Diesel Driver Exam-27.10.2002
Model Solved Papers -2003
Set 09-RRB Mumbai And Bhopal, Diesel Assistant Driver Exam-05.01.2003
Set 10-RRB Chandigarh, Assistant Diesel Driver/ Electrical Exam-25.05.2003
Set 11-RRB Trivandrum, Assistant Diesel Driver/ Electrical Exam-31.08.2003
Set 12-RRB Gorakhpur, Diesel Assistant Exam-12.10.2003
Model Solved Papers-2004
Set 13-RRB Ranchi, Diesel Driver Exam-27.07.2004
Set 14-RRB Ajmer, Assistant Diesel Driver/ Electrical Exam-10.10.2004
Model Solved Papers-2005
Set 15-RRB Ranchi, Assistant Loco Pilot Exam-04.09.2005
Set 16-RRB Secunderabad , technicians-III (Electrical) Exam-11.12.2005
Model Solved Papers-2006
Set 17-RRB Allahabad, technicians-III (fitter) Exam-22.01.2006
Set 18-RRB Guwahati, Assistant Loco Pilot Exam-22.01.2006
Set 19-RRB Kolkata, technician-III Exam-20.08.2006
Set 20-RRB Gorakhpur, Diesel Assistant Exam-08.10.2006
Model Solved Papers-2007
Set 21-RRB Ajmer, Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel/ Electrical) Exam-05.08.2007
Model Solved Papers-2008
Set 22-RRB Bhubaneswar, Assistant Loco Pilot Exam-27.07.2008
Set 23-RRB Allahabad, Assistant Loco Pilot Exam-03.08.2008 (2nd Sitting)
Set 24-RRB Kolkata, technicians Grade-III Exam-21.09.2008
Set 25-RRB Secunderabad, technicians-III (Diesel/ Mechanical) (ECOR) Exam-19.10.2008
Model Solved Papers-2009
Set 26-RRB Bhopal, Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel/ Electrical) Exam-18.01.2009
Set 27-RRB Allahabad, Assistant Loco Pilot (Diesel/ Electrical) Exam-15.02.2009
Model Solved Papers-2010
Set 28-RRB Bhubaneswar, Assistant Loco Pilot Exam-10.01.2010
Model Solved Papers-2014
Set 29-RRB technicians, (Assistant Loco Pilot) Exam-15.06.2014
Model Solved Papers-2015
Set 30-RRB Chandigarh, Laboratory Assistant Grade-III Exam-08.02.2015