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Basic, Thinkers, EQ
Ethics- Basic Theory
Emotional intelligence & Allied Topics
Thinkers and Reformers
Family, Society
Case-Study: Promoting Girl education while ensuring their safety (2015)
Case-Study: Wife-beater Boss: To do something or not? (2016)
Social influence
Sarkari Job Values
Work Culture @Office
Case-Study: Engineer: Bogus flyover vs deadline (2013)
Case-Study: Favoritism in Job recruitment (2013)
Case-Study: Sexual Harassment (2013)
Case-Study: Bogus rape complaint (2014)
Case-Study: Ethics not essential (2014)
Case-Study: Disillusioned UPSC topper (2014)
Case-Study: Dubious plot acquired for school (2015)
Compassion for others while on job
Case-Study: Help accident victim on interview day? (2017)
Case-Study: Child Labourers in Sivakasi (2013)
Case-Study: Dalit Cook in Mid-day Meal (2015)
Compassion Case-Study: Poor woman without documentary proof? (2016)
Public Organizations
Public Org- Theory
Public Org- Dilemma
Case-Study: Environment degradation (2014)
Case-Study: Why villagers migrate? (2014)
Case-Study: Disaster management (2015)
Case-Study: Draft better Land-acquisition policy (2016)
Public org- Code of conduct / ethics
Public Org-Charter
Public Org-Corruption
Case-Study: illegal building collapse? (2017)
Case-Study: Opinion as honest officer (2017)

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