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Kiran UPSC PT General Studies (Paper 1 and Paper 2) Test Series (English Medium) (3302)
Test-1 Ancient India, Medieval India and Art and Culture
Test-2 Indian Polity and Governance (Part-1)
Test-3 Geography of India with Map
Test-4 Environment and Ecology (Part-1)
Test-5 Indian Economy and Economic Development (Part-1)
Test-6 General Science and Technology (Part-1)
Test-7 Modern India
Test-8 Indian Polity and Governance (Part-2)
Test-9 Geography of world with Map
Test-10 Environment and Ecology (Part-2)
Test-11 Indian Economy and Economic Development (Part-2)
Test-12 General Science and Technology (Part-2)
Test-13 General Studies (Part-1)
Test-14 General Studies (CSAT Paper-2)
Test-15 General studies (Paper-1)
Test-16 General Studies (CSAT Paper-2)
Test-17 General Studies (Paper-1)
Test-18 General Studies (CSAT Paper-2)
Test-19 General Studies (Paper-1)
Test-20 General Studies (CSAT Paper-2)
Test-21 Current Affairs, Budget and Economic Survey

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