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Social Issues for Civil Service Examination

About the course
It is yet another attempt by Kiran Prakashan to reach out to the aspirants who are unable to attend the classes in person. The aspirants are provided with video lectures which can be easily be accessed through Mobile App / Computer. The course is designed to cover the Civil Service Examination (mains). The Social Issues paper is the GS paper-I of the Civil Services (Mains) Examination. As per the new syllabus, the Social Issues paper consists of 30-40 Marks. Now, the significance of Social Issues is not limited to that paper only. The whole purpose of providing the Social Issues mini-course is to develop the writing skills of the candidates. If you are not able to express yourself in a good manner, then you stand to lose in the merit list, in spite of being competent in all senses. Thus, your competency and high writing skills in the Social Issues paper would become an added advantage in the other Mains papers.

About the Educator
Suhail Qasim Mir, Rank, Rank 125, 2016, IPS, had given his input in teaching Social Issues Paper and under his guidance students can develop a good writing style, and a sharp analytical ability and your performance in the Mains would greatly enhance.

Key features of this Course
  • 9+ hours of video lectures
  • Previous year question Paper
Course Detail
Name of the Topic No. of Hours No. of Video
Salient Features of Indian Society 1 hour 6 min 1
Role Of Women And Women Organisations 34 min 1
Population And Related Issues 34 min 1
Poverty 1 hour 25 min 1
Developmental Issues 20 min 1
Urbanisation - Issues And Remedies 1 hours 10 min 1
Globalisation 1 hours 7 min 1
Communalism 1 hours 32 min 1
Regionalism 45 min 1
Secularism 40 min 1
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